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While attending Drexel University, where she studied fashion design, Carole Hochman was hired on at Bergdorf Goodman into an area of design she’d given very little thought to leading up to that point – lingerie! That was the beginning of what for Carole has become a lifelong interest in this constantly changing category of apparel…
Today, Carole Hochman continues to work with young people to inspire them to pursue professions in fashion design. Working closely with the fashion program at Drexel University's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, Carole sponsors an annual lingerie/ sleepwear design competition. As a part of that competition, students design a small group of garments for men or women that demonstrate the imaginative capacities of the students themselves, as well as the abilities of those students to execute designs that holds practical, commercial value for the end consumer. The semi-finalists present their concepts and sketches to Carole, and selected finalists are given the opportunity to bring their designs to life! Those fully formed designs are then judged by Carole and esteemed members of her design team. As a culminating event, the garments of all finalists are exhibited at the annual Drexel fashion show, and the “Carole Hochman Intimate Apparel Award” is presented to the determined winner. 2012 marks the fourth year in which Carole Hochman has sponsored this competition for lingerie/ sleepwear design at Drexel!
In 2009, Drexel University's fashion program honored Carole at its annual fashion show with the “Design Achievement Award.” This award was bestowed to commemorate Carole as a distinguished alumna of Drexel who has shown great support for the program of which she sees herself as a beneficiary. Carole Hochman's support touches many areas of Drexel's fashion program and extends beyond the classroom in the form of internships and full-time design positions. Drexel University continues to salute and pay tribute to Carole Hochman for her consistent demonstrations of support!