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Chief Creative Officer
Carole Hochman is perhaps the single most influential woman in the intimate apparel and sleepwear business in the U.S. today.
A designer and industry pioneer, Carole Hochman has been designing intimate apparel for more than 30 years. What began as a young girl’s dream to become a New York City fashion designer has today evolved into a global powerhouse company. The Carole Hochman Design Group manufactures not only the unsurpassed Carole Hochman brand of sleepwear, loungewear and daywear, but also owns OnGossamer and the licenses to several exceptional lingerie and sleepwear collections including Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Jockey and Betsey Johnson.
Carole Hochman has always had an innate ability to identify opportunities, identify trends and translate designer visions into successful intimate collections. She began her career in lingerie by accident. While attending Drexel University, a trade college in Philadelphia where she studied fashion design, she landed a job at Bergdorf Goodman in a department she’d given very little thought to before -- lingerie. Carole worked hard, learned the business and was soon hired by a lingerie company and had the opportunity to design sleepwear for Bonwit Teller. Without knowing a thing about garment construction or the fabrics required to produce them, Carole nailed the collection on the first try, launching her career into the dreamy world of intimate apparel.
The following year, Carole Hochman began working for a small New York-based intimate apparel design firm. It was here where she truly learned how to design collections that would satisfy both women’s fantasies as well as their lifestyle needs -- pioneering new directions in intimate apparel. In 1985, a testament to Carole’s vision and talent, the company was re-named Carole Hochman Designs.
During this time, Christian Dior was Carole Hochman Design’s biggest licensee, and the industry standard in luxury lingerie, sold in virtually every major department and specialty store, and found in every elegant woman’s wardrobe across the U.S. Carole traveled several times a year to Paris, mastering the art of flawless construction and experimenting with different textiles and fabrics during her time there.
Then, in the late 1980s, the economic downturn dictated a shift in consumer mindset away from pure luxe and towards comfort. Carole instantly saw an opportunity to design sleepwear that revolved around comfortable-chic. She set her sights on Turkey which was experiencing a cotton boom and returned within weeks with a 100% cotton sleepwear collection that Macy’s bought virtually sight unseen. And so was launched the Carole Hochman brand of sleepwear that is today synonymous with luxury, comfort and style and sold in better department and specialty stores across the U.S.
By the mid-1990s, Carole Hochman was renowned for her cotton knitwear and was approached by global fashion houses, including Esprit and Ralph Lauren, to design their sleepwear collections. She was one of the first designers to embrace the concept of QVC, recognizing the power of the home shopper, a customer who has proved loyal to her from the start. Today, The Carole Hochman Design Group boasts a portfolio of brands -- each with its own distinctive positioning and style that together comprise an impressive segment of the better sleepwear and intimate apparel business.
The Carole Hochman Design Group is headquartered in New York City and run by Carole Hochman who is Chief Creative Officer. Carole lives in Manhattan, has two children and six grandchildren.